Sammy Hemerik is an independent multidisciplinary designer, based in the Netherlands. With a background in graphic design and design research, she balances visual communication with graphic sensibility to create thoughtfully executed solutions. Her work has a social-cultural approach and through visual research she strives for critical thinking in major social issues and this is where her work meets other disciplines. 


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work experience:

Studio Sammy Hemerik

Visual research & design

2014 — 2023


Impact Hub Amsterdam

Visual design

2022 — 2023


Risograph workshop

Student assistent



BAK, Basis voor Actuele Kunst

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University of Bergen (UiB) | Fakultet for Kunst, Musikk og Design (KMD) | Bergen, Norway

Master of Design | Visual Communication

2018 — 2020


University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) | Utrecht

Bachelor of Graphic Design | 2010 — 2014


Academie Voque | Amsterdam | Certificate in fashion styling | 2009 — 2010



Leiden | VWO level | Specialization in Culture & Society

2003 — 2009




Tinkebell. | Amsterdam




Jan Rothuizen | Amsterdam

Research & Illustration





Overfull Emptiness | MA Exhibition KMD

Bergen, Norway



The Affluenza Center for Overconsumption | Kunstlageret

Bergen, Norway



Power Object | KMD

Bergen, Norway | 2018 


50% | De Stadstuin

Utrecht | 2018 


50% | Koffie&Ik

Utrecht | 2017


50% | Rabarber

Utrecht | 2017


50% | KEEK

Utrecht 2017


Liminal Space | Academie Galerie | Utrecht | 2015


Liminal Space | Salone

Del Mobile | Milan | 2015


204426509 | Alumni exhibition HKU | Utrecht



TENT.TOON | Werkspoor

kathedraal | Utrecht | 2013


Cinedans | Eye

Amsterdam | 2013


HQ | Academie Galerie

Utrecht | 2012





University of Bergen (UiB)


University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU)

Gemeente Utrecht

Universiteit Utrecht

Kuub.//Creative Agency


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KEEK Organic Eatery

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Studio Sammy Hemerik
Visual Research & Design

8 august 2017 – 8 august 2018

I generally take about 15 photos a day. This means 5475 photos per year, an incredible amount of images. I would describe these photos as fast and practical, mainly taken with my mobile phone. Most of them directly sent, posted or deleted.

Something seems to be changing in the way these images are valued. Printing photos is becoming rare. Where we used to excitedly develop an analogue photo album, we now would rather take 3 extra shots, just to be sure. Where photos used to be inserted into physical photo albums, nowadays they seem to be placed on Instagram or sent via Snapchat. Photos can be “liked” and quickly scrolled through. Slideshow evenings have been replaced with Facebook posts and photo glue for hashtags. In earlier days, photos were taken with a lot of focus and patience and now they tend to be taken with a quick action without too much thought. A lot of photos will immediately be deleted. And the ones which stay usually end up in heavy, digital folders.

In addition, to the amount of images and our access to them, the function of photographs also seems to change. Locations are determined on the basis of a photo and criminals are caught by a proving photograph of an accidental passer-by. It is clear that since the advent of new technologies, such as digital photography and telephone cameras, we associate with photos differently than before. In a way there seems to be a need to confirm the reality by a captured photo.

To what extent do contemporary photographs define our existence? To investigate this, I place my personal photos outside their contemporary context for a period of one year.